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Mini-Split Repair and Installs

Best Repair and Mini split installation Service in Florida

Best MINI SPLIT Repair in tampa and installation Service

Tampa AC Services Inc is the company to call for all your Mini-Split repair in Tampa and installation needs. Over a decade, Our trained professionals have diagnosed, repaired, and installed countless systems in homes and businesses.

We take great pride in offering a Mini split installation Service that can be counted on due to top performance. Our crew is dedicated to providing first-rate services, whether you need regular upkeep, urgent fixes, or a brand-new Mini split installation Service in Tampa.

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Benefits of mini split ac installation

Mini-splits, also known as ductless air conditioning systems, offer many benefits. Mini-Splits have multiple indoor air-handling units and an outdoor compressor unit. The benefits of installing a ductless system include the following:

Easy mini split ac installation

Older homes and room extensions without ductwork are best for these systems. These tiny indoor units can be fixed on walls or ceilings with minimal damage to walls. Check out our Easy mini split AC installation deals for more details!

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Multi-stage filters in these systems catch dust, allergies, and other particles. Filtration reduces interior contaminants and improves air quality.


These systems provide easy-to-use remote controls, programmable timers, and smart features to set temperatures and schedules. Smartphone apps can also control some ductless systems, which makes them convenient.

Cost Savings

Mini-Split systems save money over time because of their energy efficiency and zoning. These save energy and money compared to central air conditioning, cooling, or heating.

Mini split repair service in Florida

Tampa AC Services Inc offers top-notch Mini split repair service in Florida to keep your system functioning correctly. Our expert technicians diagnose and fix the issues, assuring optimal performance and system longevity. We provide a whole variety of repair services, including:

mini split ac repair

Our professionals repair and replace your system’s compressor, fan motor, and thermostat. We use high-quality parts to ensure we provide you with a long-term solution.

Cleaning and Maintenance

These systems need regular cleaning and maintenance. Dirt, debris, and allergens reduce the performance and indoor air quality, our experts clean filters, coils, and other vital components.


Electrical problems can affect your system efficiency. Our electricians detect and fix wiring and electrical connection issues to restore system performance.

Professional Mini split installation Service in Florida

Tampa AC Services Inc provides flawless Mini split installation Service for excellent performance and long-term comfort. Our professional installers offer high-quality service, including:

mini split ac installation

We install the ductless system efficiently. Our mini split installers attach indoor units, connect refrigerant lines, and optimize system performance.

Ductwork Modifications

To ensure maximum airflow and efficiency with your new Mini-Split system, we can do Ductwork repair and installation in Tampa.

Testing and Calibration

We test and calibrate your system after installation. Our professionals carefully examine refrigerant levels, temperature regulation, and airflow distribution.

Tampa AC Services Inc is a reputable Mini-Split repair and installation company in Florida. Our experience and commitment to perfection guarantee precision and care for your cooling and heating needs. Our skilled crew is ready to exceed your expectations with the repair and professional installation services that fits your space.

Schedule mini-split repair or installation with Tampa AC Services Inc today. Our professional staff is available to help you and provide trustworthy service. We strive to keep you comfortable throughout the year. Contact Tampa AC Services Inc for a cozy environment.